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Jens Orback skriver i ett brev till FN:s säkerhetsråds ordförande, H.E. Mr. Nestor Osorio, om vikten av att Minurso ges mandat att bevaka och rapportera om brott mot de mänskliga rättigheterna. Han skriver tillsammans med Urban Ahlin.

His Excellency Mr. Nestor Osorio
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,
Permanent Representative of Colombia to the
United Nations
President of the Security Council

Stockholm, the 4th of April 2011

Re: Extended MINURSO mandate to monitor and report on human rights violations

Your Excellency,

We write this letter as we are deeply worried about the way the United Nations deal with the prevailing situation inWestern Sahara, including the continuous violations of human rights under the Moroccan occupation.

As the Security Council soon will again consider theWestern Sahara situation and the
question of prolonging the time frame and mandate of the monitoring task force MINURSO,

We urge the Security Council to include in the mandate of MINURSO a requirement to monitor and report on human rights violations against the Saharawi civil population. MINURSO has now had its mission for 20 years inWestern Sahara, but has as the only contemporary UN peacekeeping mission been unable to act on such violations. In November 2010, MINURSO could only passively watch from a distance how the establishment of desert camps, with tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators, developed into a massive confrontation with the Moroccan police and military. The storming of the largest camp resulted in bloodshed and deaths, and in subsequent arrests and assaults of hundreds of camp inhabitants, as later reported by several international human rights organisations.

We expect that the United Nations, as a guardian of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, will find it proper to address its implementation in relation to Saharawi civil population, and that the Security Council will add this issue to the MINURSO mandate. This can make MINURSO an instrument to uphold, in the area the task force covers, the respect for the Declaration and the human rights.

We most sincerely thank you, as President of the Security Council, for examining this letter, and ask you to share it with the members of the Security Council.

Please accept the assurance of our highest regards.

Jens Orback
Secretary General Olof Palme International Center

Urban Ahlin
Vice President, the Committee of Foreign Affairs in the Swedish Parliament

Publiceringsdatum: 2011-04-04

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