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In early June, the second, and final, payment of the funds raised to the duped Cameroonian forestry workers will be made. The first payment was completed in late April.

The final payment is made according to a decision by the committee appointed at the start of the fundraising. The committee has listened to the victims themselves and the GS trade union which negotiated for some of the duped Cameroonian forestry workers after the first report from the SVT “Uppdrag Granskning”.

To get part of the collected funds the following criteria must be met:
– The worker has worked for Skogsnicke AB in 2011 and / or 2012
– The worker is from Cameroon
– The worker has been granted an “uppehållstillstånd- och arbetstillstånd” with Skogsnicke AB as a reference sometime in 2011 or 2012.

According to these criteria, 45 persons are entitled to payments from the collected funds. 26 of them have already received money disbursed at the end of April, and 19 of them will get the money in June. All have received / will receive an equal amount: 35 560 SEK. The Palmecenter will now contact the individuals concerned in order to carry out the payment.


Publiceringsdatum: 2013-06-04

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