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A presentation of the participants of the seminars on Palestine, held in Stockholm December 11, and in Gothenburg December 12.

1. Osama Mo’en Mortaja , Palestinian National Association for Youth
Executive director of PNAY
Born in 1977, Bachelor of political science.
He is the president of the preparatory committees for Palestine’ Youth Parliament in the Gaza Strip. He is the president of the Politics Club at Al Mishal Institution. He worked as dialogue project coordinator with Anna Lindeh and Friedrich Elbert. He is very committed to civil society work especially with youth. He has been active in community for ten years. He holds different positions in civil society organizations targeting youth. He supports the peace and dialogue infinitives in the Palestinian Society and has exerted all efforts to achieve this goal.

2. Maher Issa, Civil Independent Volunteer Towards Achieving Sustainability.
Director General of Civiats
Graduate of school of politics
He is 44 years old; spent 16 years in civil society development. He worked for NDI and the General Union of Cultural Centers for 10 years. Has a wide experience in advocacy, conflict resolution, institutional and capacity building, and civil society development. He has Strong capabilities in training skills and curriculums designs. Moreover, he contributed to foundation of several Civil Society Organizations in Gaza. Maher Issa one of Civitas founders of Gaza.

3. Yasmin Al Abbadi, Community Training Center & Crisis Management.
Volunteer in CTCCM
Academic instructor-Al Aqsa University, Gaza.
Born in 1972, PHD of Education.
She worked in the Ministry of Education as director of activities. She has great experience working in civic education and civil community. She volunteered in civil society organizations targeting women and children. She contributed to designing strategic plans for school activities and summer camps.  She represented Palestine in International conferences and events. She is interested in reading and sports.

4. Taysir Zomlot, Asalah Organization for Popular Heritage and Development.
Board director- Asalah Organization.
Born in 1961, political science.
He was a member of General Assembly of Palestinian Students- Egypt. He worked in the Palestinian embassies in different countries including (Cyprus, Libya, Tunisia, China, Northern Korea, Vietnam, India and Sudan). He was the former president of Palestinian Students Union in China. He participated in international events of students unions all over the world. He has been active in the civil community for 12 years. He is interested in politics and cultures.

5. Ibtihal Al Aloul, Olof Palme International Center.
Programme manager, Gaza
Born in 1986
Ibtihal Al Aloul has previously worked in Gaza as an assistant and projecet manager for national and international media. In May 2009 she started working for the Palme Centera at the local office in Gaza.

6. Shereen Aweidah /Nammari
Chair woman of Al-Mortaqa Organization for Women “recently”
Born in May 1980
Master in Gender and Community development
Founder of Al-Mortaqa Organization in late 2005, worked as project manager in several national and international NGOs. Administrative Board Member in Coalition of Palestinian Organizations that are supported by Olof Palme. Project Coordinator for three years with partnership with LO-Distirktet Gotland supported by Olof Palme center

7. Khaled J A Salim
Chairman Ta’awon  Palestinian Conflict Resolution Institute
One of the founders of Ta’awon in 2002. Have also worked periods for the Palestinian Administration, Interior Ministry.
Long time experience working with issues concerning the Palestinian civil society and conflict resolution.

Publiceringsdatum: 2009-12-03

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