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Publicerad 2022-08-24
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Consultancy Opportunity: Competence Development

Olof Palme International Center is looking for a consultant to support one of our partner organisations in South Africa in strengthening its training methodology and facilitation skills.

The purpose of this assignment is to support one of the Palme Center’s partner organisations in strengthening its training methodology and facilitation skills. The partner organisation is
specialised in training/education in the field of governance and political education, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The organisation works with different target groups such as representatives of political parties / young politicians / high-level politicians in leadership positions / persons in political administration / community groups.

The results of the assignment should lead to that the organisation:

• Holds qualitative, interactive and participatory trainings in a good learning climate, adapted to the target groups’ needs.

• Designs and organises online (remote)-, hybrid- and in-person trainings in ways that enable participants’ learning and political engagements over time.

The assignment is up to 45 consultant days, including international travel to South Africa. The assignment timeframe is September – December 2022, and the end-assignment training should be held in November.

Download the Terms of Reference

Tenders shall be submitted via email to elin.zaulich@palmecenter.se no later than 9 September 2022