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For ongoing projects, an updated activity plan and budget should be presented ahead of each year. These documents must be submitted to the Palme Center no later than December 15th. Please use the following documents:

–  Budget
Annual Work Plan 

Project cooperation 2016-2018 

After evaluation and consultations with project active, representatives from sister parties, Swedish party districts and the Swedish Social Democratic Party’s executive committee, the focus for the cooperation took form. The overall objective of the operation is to “contribute to the sister party’s internal democratic development, with special focus on youth and women’s participation and influence, to support the exchange of ideas and policy developments that could be the basis for welfare reform.

Planning for the program period 2019-20

During 2018, planning processes will be conducted together with representatives from sister parties and other partner organisations, with project active and other representatives from the Swedish party district and side organisations. The aim is to elaborate new programs for the period 2019-20. For more information about this process, or if you have questions or ideas that you want to discuss, please the programme manager responsible for the relevant theme/region.

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