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– Anna was a remarkable individual, a remarkable politician, and a remarkable thinker – a leader in the development of sustainability and security both in Sweden and abroad, said Stefan Löfven, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, at this year’s Anna Lindh-seminar.

Read Stefan Löfven’s speech, and an account of the other topics of the seminar, in – Chaos is a positive word to us. It refers to the first primitive formation of earth when nothing was superior to the other. When all was equal, says Nevin Öztop at Kaos GL.

– I am honored to be here today together with the representatives of Vive Zene and the Olof Palme International Center, which supports your activities. I am convinced that Olof Palme, our former Prime Minister, would have been proud to see us here together today, said Mr.  Bosse Hedberg, Swedish Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, during his speech at the opening ceremony of “The second meeting of schools”.

Ambassador Hedberg opened the event “The second meeting of schools”, that took place 15-16 May in the primary school Bosanska Bijela. The event was an activity organized by “Vive Zene” from Tuzla. “Vive Zene” implements a program that includes educational workshops with children and young people, with support of the Palme Center. The aim of the program is to prevent transgenerational transmission of trauma in children and providing psycho-emotional and social development of children in a difficult socio-economic situation in the postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina. It includes 200 children from different schools and parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina: Brcko, Bijela, Kravica, Konjevic Polje etcetera.

Mr. Hedberg also highlighted that Sweden has been a very close friend of Bosnia and Herzegovina ever since the conflict and independence and that the Swedish government is drafting a new seven-year strategy of cooperation with the countries of the Western Balkan. Hence, he hopes for the prospect of continuous cooperation and a better future of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a result of a future EU-membership.

At the event Mr. Hedberg was accompanied by Ms. Christina Bergman and Ms. Emira Mesanovic Mandic from the Palmecenter.

Ms. Bergman conveyed a message to the many children who joined the event. She said:
–  With support from Vive Zene and your schools I hope you will feel strengthened and thereby will have a greater influence in your daily life. Do have in mind that you are actually the ones who can contribute to the forthcoming development in Bosnia-Herzegovina. So don´t forget that you can be the pillars of this country in the future.














Published: 2013-09-11

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