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In the last couple of years Serbia has adopted a national youth strategy, established youth offices at municipal level, appointed youth coordinators and developed local youth action plans. A Law on Youth was also passed last year and all of this this has created a space for youth issues and youth participation.

During the study visit, partners met with representatives from different institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the newly established National Association of Professional Youth Workers, a civic resource center supporting youth initiatives, and several youth organizations.

This exchange programme, aimed at enhancing the cooperation and mutual learning between Sweden and Egypt, is financed by the Swedish International Development Authority.

All visitors have been clearly instructed not to compromise the integrity of the programme by using it for partisan political claims. Within this programme, the organizers, Olof Palme International Centre and SILC on the Swedish side, and EDA and IDC and the Egyptian side, do not take sides in Egyptian politics. Any claims made by Egyptian visitors are on their own personal behalf and do not represent the views of the organizers.

In several cities of Sweden, Swedish political activists have been very impressed when meeting the Egyptians and to learn more about politics in this large, dynamic and leading country in the middle east and North Africa. In all, the exchange programme is non-political and focused on exchange between people.

Stockholm May 25th 2014.

Ulrika Lång, Head of Development Cooperation, Olof Palme International Centre

Martin Ängeby, Secretary-General, Silc

Hossam Eldin Aly, EDA board chairman

Ayman Ghaly, Chairman of IDC

Published: 2013-06-26

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