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Jovana Tripunovic presented how the project works to battle corruption in higher education and raise transparency and accountability of the educational systems and institutions.

The panel she  participated in was dedicated to Corruption in Education and it was coordinated by IIEP-UNESCO. During this session corruption challenges in India, South Africa, Macedonia and Serbia was discussed. All the participants stressed that experiences have shown that corruption is widely spread and equally dangerous for every educational system in the world. It was also concluded that similar solutions can be applied for anti-corruption activities all across public sector.

The International Anti-Corruption Conference is the world’s best known forum to engage in innovative and open debates about corruption challenges for the future. More than 1 900 people from 140 countries gathered in Brasilia between the 7th and 10th of October, where the 15th edition of the biennial IACC was held.

Text: DANILO MILIC, Program Coordinator Belgrad


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Raising Accountability of Universities in Serbia (SER)


Published: 2013-01-03

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