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As much as international media across the globe is covering all happening in the country around the clock, the people in Burma have been so courageously marching on the streets knowingly they would be shot and killed while many are making sure the information reach to outside world immediately as things happen.

With this note, I would like to inform you to watch and follow the situation on the following blogs and website as some blogs are directly posted from inside Burma. Log on to the following blogs and watch some footages of what’s happened yesterday. Even non-Burmese friends, you can still watch the visuals of the shooting, running and

marching scenes. But APPPB will try to facilitate something soon for our APPPB network’s non-Burmese friends to be able to get immediate update on situation in English. I will also establish a mechanism to give you regular update.

This is all for me now. In the afternoon, I will send you the formal update. I know all of you are already stepping up with your solidarity action plans. I have been receiving all information from you and thank you for all your support for the people inside.

Today, I don’t know how they will and how much more violence the military thugs will do again, BUT the people will continue with their defiance and continue to proceed.

Yesterday was another massacre. Monasteries in Rangoon were violently raided and at least one thousands of monks have been arrested already while many beaten up brutally.

Protests took place not only in Sule, but in some other areas in Rangoon, as well as in Mandalay.

The SPDC media last night reported 9 deaths. But eyewitnesses on the ground reported about 200 were shot and killed. A few hundreds of protesters were arrested and many injured.

One Japanese national was one among those shot and dead, already confirmed by the SPDC.

Well, this is all brief update for what happened inside. Will come back soon with
comprehensive update in the afternoon.

In Solidarity,

APPPB Coordinator
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Published: 2007-09-28

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