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The only time I have been close to hitting someone is when i was gripped by fear. People who are afraid are incalculable and dangerous. Therefore, I have tried to understand the actions of nations who act violently out of fear. With this in mind, I have tried to understand the actions of Israel, but not accept them.

The Israeli people appear to be so marked by violence that they trust only to their own violent strength when faced with confrontation. israel appears to be a nation that – for good reason – feels it can count on no one but itself when attacked. Such a nation strikes first, before it feels the familiar and dreaded strike of its foe. Consequently, Israel has separated itself from the set of rules that the international community has struggled to build.

Israel has so often and for so long availed itself of its first-strike capability that its actions no longer can be seen as reactionary but rather as a preferred strategy. Yet these repeated offenses have resulted in no significant consequences. And precisely as those who have been the victims of violence always remember those who took no action, it becomes clear that the light should be shined on those who allow israel to avoid prosecution for their ongoing transgressions.

The strong nations are the decision-makers and the USA has not hidden its support for Israel through the years. But perhaps it is the EU’s laissez-faire policies that, in the light of history, will be seen as the biggest disappointment. Tomorrow will be too late to change a notion such as this.





Published: 2010-05-31

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