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After the screening a seminar about the former Swedish Social democratic Prime Minister Olof Palme was held. Zoran Popović , Director of the Festival, Tue Steen Müller, Festival Selector, Torgny Svennugsson, Head of Sida in Serbia and Danilo Milić program manager for the Olof Palme International Center in Serbia were invited to discuss not only the movie but foremost the political engagement that Olof Palme and the film inspires to.

– Olof Palme was very active in development cooperation. His influence was crucial for the creation of Sida, said Torgny Svennungsson head of the Swedish international development cooperation agency Sida in Serbia.

Tue Steen Müller, Danish selector and consultant for the film festival, spoke about Olof Palme’s engagement against oppression and human rights abuses.
– As soon as I heard about this movie I got the tickets in order to cross the bridge from Denmark with my wife and see the movie in Malmö. I had to see it immediately.

– Olof Palme was my hero. He was the only politician that was courageous enough to say the truth. We used his words in our protests against Vietnam war, Steen Müller said.

Olof Palme International Center’s program coordinator Danlio Milić said that the Palme Center is promoting ideals from the person who gave it tits name: democracy, human rights and peace.

– Today we have similar conflicts as during Olof Palme’s lifetime: in Syria, Guantanamo, Palestine and around the world and there are few strong politicians who are ready to tell the truth rather than hide behind diplomatic euphemisms, said Milić.

The film festival Magnificent 7 was arranged for the ninth time this year. Every winter the festival presents some of the best of the best European documentaries to Serbian audiences.

Text: John Runeson, intern Olof Palme International Center
Foto: Johan Hagelin, intern Embassy of Sweden

Published: 2013-02-06

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