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The garbage dump site in a rural Local Community near Livno (someone put up a sign “shame on you”)

A Local Community Council takes a stand about a hazardous garbage dumping problem and protects the health of its residents

The Local Community of Priluka in the Livno Municipality was faced with a municipal garbage dump that was located in its vicinity. The dump was not constructed in accordance with sanitary regulations and did not have the required municipal construction permits. In addition to the usual waste that was being dumped there, the site became the prime destination for the dumping of livestock carcasses (sheep and cattle) infected with brucellosis, a disease that can spread to humans.

The dump is located on porous, karst terrain so that all toxins can easily spread from the dump through underground water channels to the homes of people living in this area.

Residents of the Priluka Local Community near Livno hold a meeting to resolve a garbage dumping problem that could potentially endanger drinking water sources and the health of residents.

This alarmed and angered the local population, leading them to draw up a petition demanding a ban on the dumping of all garbage at the site, at the same time physically blocking entrance to garbage trucks from the utility company. CGS assisted them in drawing up an official letter to the appropriate government institutions at all levels and the CGS Project Coordinator, Ms. Baljak, participated in a meeting of LC residents with the Mayor of Livno and the President of the Cantonal Assembly.

Residents rejected the initial offer from the two officials because their proposal did not incorporate a long-term solution. This Local Community demonstrated determination to realize its goal of protecting the health of their families and forcing the local authorities to find a permanent and sustainable solution to waste management.

Presently, the Municipality and Cantonal Government are in consultations for a long-term solution so that garbage is being temporarily transported to another location in Livno Field. Local Communities continue to play an active role in the consultation process to identify a permanent garbage dump site.

Center for Civic Cooperation
Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina



Active Local Community Councils in Bosnia and Herzegovina improve their living conditions
In ten towns in western Bosnia and Herzegovina that were hard-hit by the war, the Center for Civic Cooperation is implementing a project funded by the Olof Palme International Center (together with support from the C.S.Mott Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy) to promote the establishment of Local Community Councils in order to increase active public participation in local decision-making and thereby increase local government accountability and attention to community needs.


Published: 2010-05-19

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