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Burma: Released human rights activist still has his bag packed

The Burmese government has been recognized in recent years for having freed many political prisoners. This is regarded as one reason behind EU’s lift of all sanctions against Burma except the arms embargo in April this year. U Myint Aye is one of the former political prisoners who was released in connection with US President Obama’s visit to the country in November last year.


The Conflict in Western Burma Continues

The conflict that flared up in Rakhaine state (Arakan state) in western Burma in June between the Buddhist majority population, Rakhaine and the Muslim minority, Rohingya have recently escalated.


”It’s a question of dignity”

- Most Filipinos are not aware of their rights. The majority of the people can’t influence their own lives or the development in their society. Without knowledge of one’s rights, one can’t change one’s situation. This is why I think education makes a difference, says 26 year old Geoffrey “Union” Labudahon, who got his nickname from his strong commitment to union rights.



- We only demand what the international law says. Where there are common resources they ought to be distributed in a fair and reasonable way. That is what we ask for, said Dr Shaddad Attili, minister of the Palestinian Water Authority. In January the French parliament’s committee for foreign affairs published a report on the water situation on the occupied Westbank. The report concluded that more water is used by the 550 000 Israeli settlers than by over two million Palestinians.


To refuse

The only time I have been close to hitting someone is when i was gripped by fear. People who are afraid are incalculable and dangerous. Therefore, I have tried to understand the actions of nations who act violently out of fear. With this in mind, I have tried to understand the actions of Israel, but not accept them.


Women workers march in Lahore to observe International Women Day

LAHORE: Over 1500 women marched on the Mall, from Nasir Bagh to Punjab Assembly under the banner of Women Workers Help Line (WWHL) to celebrate the International Women Day on Monday, March 8.


A visit with Fatah in Hebron

The building where Fatah in Hebron has its premises looks half-finished and the staircase to the second floor seems makeshift. Pictures of the former and current Palestinian Presidents, Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas signal we have come to the right place.   Hebron is one of several Fatah districts that have so-called “party close support” via the Palme Center. (see the fact box) The co-operative partner is often a Swedish social democratic party district and for Hebron it is the party district in Uppsala.


Years to reconstruct Rangoon

According to experts, it will take years to reconstruct Rgn and other towns as all infrastructures are collapsed now.


ITUC calls on Companies to End Business Links with Burma

ITUC, Intenational Trade Union Confederation, calls on Companies to End Business Links with Burma Burmese Trade Union Federation Asks Companies to Disinvest


The Day Two - Of underground life

The meeting was nearly ending when I heard the news that emergency is been declared. I decided immediately to travel to Lahore. I was in contact with other party comrades on telephone and every one advised me not to go to my home. This was in the background of my three arrests in three months where I spent 23 days in jails and police stations. Labour Party Pakistan has become a target for the military regime because of active participation in the advocate movement. Several comrades had been arrested during the movement.


Union Day Protest in Rangoon

Feb 12, 2008 More than 30 protesters dressed in the blue uniforms worn by prison inmates staged a protest in Rangoon on Tuesday, demanding the release of political prisoners and respect for UN resolutions on Burma.


The Day Two - Of underground life

Today is my second day in underground life. On 3rd November 2007, when General Musharaf declared an emergency and suspended the constitution, I was in Toba Tek Singh, a city around four hours from Lahore. This was to attend a meeting for the preparations of the Labour Party Pakistan fourth national conference. The conference was scheduled to held 9/10/11th November in the city. Poster for the welcome of the delegates were printed and an invitation card to invite supporters for the open session of the conference was ready as well.


UN on disasters in the Philippines: Worst yet to come

Storms worse than “Ondoy” (also named “Ketsana”) and “Pepeng” will hit the Philippines in the coming years, but the country is one of the least prepared nations in Southeast Asia to cope with natural disasters, a United Nations official warned Tuesday.


Burma Update

Dear Friends, I’m terribly sorry for being unable to send you an update over the past 4 days. Below please find the update from the Secretariat for October 5 - 9, 2007.

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