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In Latin America, the Olof Palme International Center supports a regional program focused on social security systems in six Latin American countries: Panamá, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

The regional program is implemented by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation  (LO) and the regional trade union (CSA). It´s focus lies on educational work as well as on lobbying within the International Labour Organisation (ILO). 

The program aims to develop the social security systems in the region’s middle-income countries through e.g. improved dialogue between governments, trade unions and employers. The five countries included have been selected by CSA due to their special needs and because CSA believe that there is a momentum for change in these countries.

We are also engaged in the global program Empowering domestic workers, in co-operation with IDWF (International Domestic Workers Federation). The project aims at strengthening of organized domestic workers and IDWF at all levels, in e.g. Mexico and Costa Rica.

In Bolivia the Palme center and IF Metall cooperate with ALBOR – Centro Albor Arte y Cultura. The main target groups are women, youth and marginalized groups in el Alto and Riberalta. Through organizational development, study circle training, strategic alliances and giving voice to the target group the project aims to achieve greater knowledge and access to social security system in Bolivia.

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