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In our development cooperation work we seek to strengthen people’s power to shape the societies they live in, and thus their own lives. The Palme Center supports member organisations in their work and in some cases provide direct support to organisations in our partner countries to promote democracy, human rights and peace.

Information about the application process 2020-24

Palme Center has developed a new strategy (2020-2025), which new programmes shall feed into. The strategy maps out our priorities as well as the goals of our collaborations and partnerships. Applications to the Palme Center must relate and contribute to the strategy, pushing progressive development for equality, sustainability and democracy. It shall also clearly reflect the mission statement and the political priorities.  The strategy, Progressive Development for Democracy, Equality and Sustainability, will be published here on the website on 8th of February.

Selection criteria for partnership  

The Palme Center’s mission is firmly rooted in the international labour movement. We define the international labour movement as a broad gathering of popular movements comprising political parties, trade unions and civil society organisations working for progressive change. In a more formal sense it is defined by the various international organisations and platforms that our member organisations are actively engaged in and their various regional and national structures and affiliates. In different countries and contexts this also involves close allies, civil society organisations and community-based organisations with a shared vision and understanding of progressive development.

A future partnership will be considered based on an assessment of the applicant’s needs, capacities and priorities, as well as whether the applicant in its specific context is dynamic, relevant and interested in pushing progressive development.

The application process

The application process is divided into three steps:

1. Application step one, including a budget indication, developed with one of Palme Center’s Swedish member organisation if applicable and the Organisational description for partnership is to be submitted to Palme Center no later than 1 April.

2. May 3rd, all applicants will be notified whether they are invited to submit Application step two, and thus take part in the development of a new programme. Step two constitutes the programming process, which will take place in dialogue with responsible Programme Manager at the Palme Center possibly in the form of a joint workshop during May-August.

3. In mid-September the Program Texts and Objectives will be sent out to all applicants to support the development of Application Step 2. The third part is to submit the Application step two, including budget for 2020 no later than 7 October.

The templates will be published here on the website on 8th of February


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