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In our development cooperation work we seek to strengthen people’s power to shape the societies they live in, and thus their own lives. The Palme Center supports member organisations in their work and in some cases provide direct support to organisations in our partner countries to promote democracy, human rights and peace.

The Swedish labour movement’s wide international network makes it possible to work with partners globally who share our values.

Our cooperation agreement with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida, finances the greater part of our programmes but member fees and funds donated to our Solidarity fund are also crucial for our activities.

We have partner organisations in over 20 countries around the world. Our operation are divided in three main programmes:

Support to civil society organisations, called the CSO Programme

– Cooperation between organisations in the civil society. Women, youth, and grass root organisations are prioritized target groups.

The regional programme to the Western Balkans, called the Western Balkans Programme

– Currently the Palme Center cooperates with partners in Albania, Kosovo and Serbia supporting citizens groups and civil society organisations in their work to increase transparency and accountability.

Party-oriented democracy support, called the PAO Programme

– Through party-oriented democracy support, the Swedish Social Democratic Party and the Palme Center support sister parties throughout the world.

In the menu to your left you will find information on how to apply for funds and how to report. The current dates for applications are published in each sector.

In the menu you will also find method manuals designed to make your work easier.

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