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Projects shall be reported to the Palme Center twice annually: the Mid-Year Progress Report with focus on implementation and budget follow-up, and the Annual Report describing results achieved and lessons learnt.

Reporting of projects

Both the Mid-Year Progress Report and the Annual Report consist of two parts:

  • Narrative report based on the approved application and results matrix
  • Financial report based on the approved budget

No audit is required of the Mid-Year Progress Report, but the annual report must always be audited. For more information about this, see the audit instructions below.

There is no fixed deadline for the Mid-Year Progress Reports, but the Palme Center need to receive the report before the second instalment of the year.

For partners supported directy by the Palme Center, the Annual Report shall be handed in no later than February 1st the following year.

Below you will find all forms, guidelines and instructions you will need to prepare the reports to Palme Center.


Annual Report

Please find he reporting templates and instructions for 2019 below:

Narrative Report 2019

Expenditure Specification

Accounts in Local Currency

Guidelines for Financial Reporting

Audit Instructions

ISA Handbook

The audit shall be carried out by an external, independent and qualified auditor.Ap
proved titles: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA), or equivalent according to project country law. The audit shall be conducted in accordance with internationally accepted standards, ISA, issued by the International Federation of Accountant (IFAC).

Please send the Annual Report to:


Mid-Year Progress Report

Mid-Year Progress Report 2020

The Mid-Year Progress Report shall relate to the project application approved by the Palme Center, including the approved budget and activity plan. Focus should be on implementation and deviations from approved project plans.

The Mid-Year Progress Report template shall be filled in electronically and submitted together with the second request for funds. The Palme Center need to receive the report before the second instalment can be transferred.

The Mid-Year Progress Report does not have to be audited.

Please send the Mid-Year Progress Report by e-mail to your programme manager at the Palme Center.

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