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Reporting of on-going projects

On-going projects are to be reported to the Palme Center twice a year. The mid-term report has been replaced by the dialogue meetings, focusing on changes and deviations from the action plan (if any) as well as discussions on changes in context and partnership with OPC. The comprehensive yearly report stays as previous but with an alternated format, focus here is on achieved results, and is complemented by another dialogue meeting.

Both the dialogue meeting (previous mid-term report) and the yearly report consist of a financial and a narrative part. The reporting should always depart from these two documents:

  • Approved application and results matrix
  • Approved budget

When a period of project support comes to an end, a more extensive narrative report is to be submitted to the Olof Palme International Center in addition to the financial report and a short activity report for the latest year. This report should focus on the entire project period (covering several agreements) and more long term results, sustainability etc.

Guidelines and templates for reporting

The Olof Palme International Center has developed templates for all of the different types of financial and narrative reporting (mid-term report, yearly report and final narrative report for the whole agreement period). Current templates for financial and narrative reporting can be downloaded below.

Templates for dialogue meetings of project year 2018 and 2019

Dialogue Meeting Report 2018-19

Templates for yearly narrative project report

Narrative Report Format (This template includes an instruction and check-list for the reporting)

Templates and guidelines for yearly financial project report

Guidelines for Financial Reporting

Expenditure specification

Accounts Local Currency


Granted projects are audited twice annually. This is an important part of the Palme Center’s system of financial management and control of funds which are passed on to our partner organisations.

The Palme Center has chosen the local auditors. The reason is that we need to ensure that the audit of the contributions can be carried out according to international standards, it is also assessed as most cost efficient and increases added value and peer learning for our partners.

The audit must be carried out in accordance with “the Olof Palme International Center’s Audit Instruction”.

Audit Instructions

Audit Instruction ISA 805

ISA Handbook Audit Instruction

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