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Poor people's ability to influence their communities and their own lives are strengthened through joint action. In the work to support our partner organisation's commitment and development, the Olof Palme International Center work within three themes.

Our three themes are civil participation, trade union community work and party-political organisation. By prioritising these areas of work, we can benefit from the experience and knowledge within our 26 member organisations, offering support and contacts that are in demand in the countries where we operate.

Civil participation

People must have the opportunity to educate and organise themselves in order to be involved in community development. It is independent members, capable of critical thinking, that give democratic organisations strength.

Trade union community work

Trade union issues are fundamentally international and whether you come from the Philippines, South Africa, or Europe, the situation is similar; an increasingly fierce global competition, wage dumping and growing economic inequality. Democratic, free and strong trade unions are essential for fair wages and good working conditions.

Party-political organisation

Democratic parties and multiparty systems are prerequisites for a democratic country. The political parties should adopt the policy that the members decide and they need to have a functioning internal democracy and a representation that reflects the population.

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