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The Olof Palme International Center is the Swedish labour movement's cooperative body for international issues. The overall aim of the Palmecenter is a world with peaceful societies founded on the ideals of democracy and the equal value of all human beings.

Development Projects
Through our development projects, we seek to empower people to change their societies and thereby their own lives through joint action. Women, youth, and grassroots activists are our main target groups. Our member organisations’ extensive international network enables cooperation with partners around the world who share our democratic values.

Through counselling, education and methodology development, the Palme Center supports it’s partner organizations, ranging from small-scale popular movement project to larger mobilization campaigns. Many dedicated members of local and regional organisations in both Sweden and our partner countries work together to strengthen democracy and human rights. Planning and execution are conducted jointly, with shared responsibility for achieving the best possible results.

Party Oriented Support
Through party-oriented democracy support, the Swedish Social Democratic Party and the Palme Center support sister parties throughout the world. We do this in weak democracies and dictatorships such as Zimbabwe, Burma and Belarus. The initiatives focus on training for party leaders and party members, organisational development, and the sharing of knowledge and experience. There are many common challenges for social democratic parties all over the world and we can learn a lot from each other’s experiences and practices. Our knowledge of how to organise and mobilise people to achieve social and political change gives us a unique opportunity to support others.

Please visit our website for political education On the website you will find a manual for building a strong democratic party, texts and illustrations about the different chapters, comments from different countries and questions to check your knowledge.

Knowledge and Debate
The Palme Center has extensive knowledge and experience in international development cooperation. We want to share this knowledge and initiate discussions and debates. The Palme Center organises open seminars and public meetings where partners, politicians, experts and activists participate. We also publish booklets and study materials.



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