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Tema: Partipolitisk organisering

Land: Regionalt Västra Balkan



Jonas Andersson


CEE Network for Gender Issues


Olof Palmes Internationella Center

Projektorganisation, projektansvarig

Jonas Andersson


The project with CEE Gender Network is implemented on a regional level foremost in the Western Balkans. The main target groups are primarily social democratic party leaderships and their women forum leaderships, female and male politicians as well as activists in the area, and secondarily party memberships and the general public. Through establishing and enhancing regional political cooperation, offering of trainings, the Korcula Think Tank school, promoting the joint regional gender equality platform, seminars, policy presentations and regional coordination activities, the project aims to adress the existing gaps and challenges to gender equality in the region and through progressive political parties as agents of change and by encouraging transformative politics counter negative trends that threaten emancipatory gains and achievements in gender equality.

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