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Tema: Folkligt deltagande

Land: Namibia



Calle Sundstedt


Forum for the Future


ABF Gävleborg

Projektorganisation, projektansvarig

Hans Svedberg


The project is implemented in Namibia. The main target groups are women in three centers. Through discussion forums, training, training, study circles, lobbying and capacity building the project aims to achieve democratic practices and processes within the organization at national level and of starting of democratic organizations at the local level.

The objective of the project has been to empower civil society so that Namibians could speak for themselves and influence decision making processes. Community discussion forums have already been established in different towns and villages around the country. Here Namibians express themselves freely and openly on the issues that affect them as individual persons and their communities. Most of these forums are headed by women. Community members have started to utilise mainly the formal women’s centers at Soweto-Katutura and Okahandja, as well as the informal meeting places at Karasburg and Okongo, to carry out different activities and thereby empower themselves to become responsible citizens with a voice of their own. These centers and the majority of the discussion forums are headed by women as coordinators.

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