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Tema: Folkligt deltagande

Land: Regionalt Nordafrika



Danielle Barsoum Malki


School of Olof Palme in Western Sahara


Olof Palmes Internationella Center

Projektorganisation, projektansvarig

Danielle Barsoum Malki


The project is implemented in the Western Saharian refugee camp of Layun in south-western Algeria, nearby the city of Tindouf. The main target group is composed of 132 female students as well as the staff of the School of Olof Palme. Through education in media and communication, tailoring and sewing, computer science and administration, the project aims to expand the participation of women in the Saharawi society, create opportunities for their participation in the political decision-making processes of the state as well as encourage them to participate in the development of the civil society. The project also implements seminars and campaigns to increase the awareness of the local society in topics such as human rights, the effects of drugs on health, hiv/aids and environmental change and their consequences on the local life.

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