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Tema: Folkligt deltagande

Land: Palestina



Otto Widmark


Palestinian Youth Union


Olof Palmes Internationella Center

Projektorganisation, projektansvarig

Otto Widmark


This is a Core Support project. It will be implemented in Palestine. The main target groups are youth and women as well as the rural community based organisations (CBOs) for both categories. Through at least nine projects The Palestinian Youth Union (PYU) aims to be an active policy maker and effective developer in youth and women issues.

The Palestinian Youth Union (PYU) is a grass roots organisation working with political, social, cultural and economic improvement of youth people, primarily in the rural area. The organisation has also 10 local branches situated in Salfeet, Ramallah and Bethlehem district. PYU has also restarted its activities in the Gaza Strip, but mainly through voluntary work. Since 2012 PYU has developed from being service provider into an effective organisation on the national policy level, besides being an breeding ground for CBOs in rural areas.

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