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the Swedish labour movement's organisation for international solidarity

News for our partners around the world

This is the Palme Center

Olof Palmes Internationella Center is the Swedish labour movement's umbrella organisation for international solidarity. We work globally for democracy, human rights, social justice, peace and sustainability through a just transition - in the spirit of Olof Palme. We support progressive social movements and parties that change societies and people's everyday lives.

How we work

Civil participation

Knowledge of one’s rights and opportunities creates courage and strength to work for change. Popular education is a democratic and effective method of reaching out to vulnerable groups. Therefore, study circles is one of the methods we use to develop and support our partner organisations and their members.

Trade union community work

Democratic, free and strong trade unions are a prerequisite for good working conditions and for the compliance of human rights. We support our trade union partner organisations in issues such as advocacy, internal democracy, trade union-political cooperation and gender equality.

Party-political organisation

Democratic parties and multiparty systems are prerequisites for a parliamentary democracy. Parties are powerful tools for both influencing and governing societies. We support social democratic sister parties in their ideological development and internal democracy. In particular we focus on the participation of young people, women and marginalized groups.

Political priorities

1. Countering the threats to democracy and human rights
2. Advancing equality and worker’s rights – building new alliances and pushing progressive politics
3. Sustainability through a just transition – countering climate change
4. Promoting peace and dialogue – mitigating armed conflict and social tensions
5. Opposing the backlash – increasing gender equality

Countries where we work

Albania, Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia , Costa Rica, Democratic Republic of Congo, the Dominican Republic, eSwatini, Georgia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Moldova, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, North Macedonia, Palestine, Paraguay, Philippines, Serbia, Somalia, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Zimbabwe, Western Sahara.

Our work in Sweden

We share knowledge about development cooperation and initiate discussions about global issues through organizing open seminars and public meetings. We publish booklets and study materials.
Through campaigns and debate articles we influence the public opinion and constitute a counterforce against the extremist forces that are on the rise in society. We work with fundraising, a prerequisite in order to carry out our international solidarity projects.

Resource hub for partner and member organisations:

Member Organisations and Board

The Palme Center has 26 member organisations from the Swedish Labor Movement, working with social change, trade unionism and political organizing. Our activities are managed by a board consisting of eleven members, which consists of representatives from our member organisations.


We have a wide network of contacts among civil society organisations and progressive political parties all over the world. Among them you will find high ranking officials, trade union leaders, women rights activist and youth organisations. We can provide news, background information and direct contact. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 08-677 57 47

E-mail: info@palmecenter.se 

(The response time could be slightly longer during summer vacation, July 12th to August 11th.)

Contact information

Olof Palmes Internationella Center
Sveavägen 68
Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 0046 8 677 57 70
Email: info@palmecenter.se

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