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Information supplier invoices

Information to suppliers of Olof Palmes Internationella Center

Invoices mailed – regular mail

New invoice address:

Olof Palmes Internationella Center
Fack 5825
751 75 Uppsala

  • The invoice address must be printed on the actual invoice as well as on the envelope.
  • The envelope content is limited to invoices with appendices. Any other mail is to be sent to the regular mail/post address, which is: Box 836, 101 36 Stockholm, Sweden.

Invoices as PDF digital

Please e-mail invoices in pdf to: efakt.palmecenter@cogidocs.net

  • Limit to one invoice per e-mail.
  • No confirmation will be sent with returning e-mail, but if the invoice has not gone through you will receive an error message.
  • The e-mail cannot include appendices, logotype, or your signature with your photo, due to the optical reading of the e-mail.

The following information has to be printed on the invoice in a structured manner:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Total
  • Supplier’s VAT number
  • Olof Palme International Center VAT (SE802013133301)
  • Supplier’s reference
  • Buyer’s reference, including the name of your contact person at the Palme center.
  • Payment information
    • Supplier’s full name and address including country
    • IBAN number
    • BIC/SWIFT address

For more information, please contact:

Roger Stålnacke,

Olof Palmes Internationella Center VAT: