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"There exists no 'they and we', only 'us'. Solidarity is and has to be indivisble."

- Olof Palme

About Palme Center

Olof Palme International Center is the Swedish labour movement's umbrella organisation for international solidarity and advocacy. We work globally for democracy, human rights, peace and social justice, in the spirit of Olof Palme. We support progressive movements and parties that change societies and people's everyday lives.

The Palme Center is the Swedish labor movement’s umbrella organisation for international development cooperation and advocacy. We work together with our 27 Swedish member organisations and 170 local and international partner organisations in 30 countries.

Our member organisations consist of a large part of the Swedish labor movement. They have a unique experience of democracy development and poverty reduction in Sweden during more than 100 years. It is a unique competence that we bring out to the world. These are our member organisations.

We support trade unions, social democratic sister parties and civil society organisations in southern Africa, the Middle East and Northern Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, based on their own priorities and needs.

In Sweden, we participate in the debate and influence on issues that are important to us. We work on raising awareness and knowledge about global issues, and we raise funds to finance our international projects.

Our work is mainly financed by the development cooperation agency Sida and by our own fundraising activities.  Olof Palme International Center was founded in 1992 by the KF, LO and the Social Democrats to honor the memory of Olof Palme.

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