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Margot Wallström

Swedish Social Democratic Party

Ordinary members

Oscar Ernerot

Swedish Trade Union Confederation

Åsa TÖrnlund

Swedish Trade Union Confederation

Martin Gunnarsson

Industrial and Metal Workers Union

Gabriella Lavecchia

The Union of Service and Communications Employees

Karin Lindehoff

Union of Commercial Employees

Linnéa Wennberg

Workers' Educational Association

Kenneth G Forslund

Swedish Social Democratic Party

Christopher Lindvall

Social Democratic Youth of Sweden

Jesper Eneroth

Religious Social Democrats of Sweden

Nina Unesi

National Federation of Social Democratic Women in Sweden

Deputy members

Leif Isaksson, Swedish Trade Union Confederation
Cyrene Waern, Swedish Trade Union Confederation
Anders Jonsson, Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union
Niklas Skeppar, Workers’ Educational Association
Paula Carvalho Olovsson, Swedish Social Democratic Party
Olle Thorell, Swedish Social Democratic Party
Henrik Svensson, Social Democratic Students of Sweden
Christian Kaddik, Swedish Young Falcons
Ewelina Edenbrink, The Swedish Federation for LGBT Social Democrats
Jimmy Ovesson, Swedish Transport Workers´union
Monica Widman-Lundmark, The Labour Movement’s Folk High School

Ordinary auditors

Mathias Tegnér, Swedish Social Democratic Party
Micaela Karlström, authorized auditor

Deputy auditors

Lars Gäfvert, Swedish Trade Union Confederation
Lars-Erik Engberg, authorized auditor

Election committee

Roger Hällhag, Swedish Social Democratic Party
Lars Wiberg, Workers’ Educational Association
Elisabeth Brandt Ygeman, Swedish Trade Union Confederation