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Publicerad 2021-02-17
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Terms of reference for developing an internal democracy tool kit for Palme Center’s partner organisations

The Olof Palme International Center with its 27 member organisations constitute an active hub of the Swedish labour movement’s international work articulated through trade union, political party and civil society organisations. These organisations represent more than one hundred years’ experience of promoting civic engagement, democratisation and poverty reduction. Palme Center cooperates with people and organisations throughout the world, in countries such as Bosnia-Hercegovina, Myanmar/Burma, South Africa, Palestine, and Bolivia. Through our development partnerships, we seek to empower people to change their own lives. Women, youth, and grassroots activists are our main target groups. The Swedish Labour Movement’s extensive international network enables cooperation with global partners who share our values.


The purpose of the assignment is to develop a methods material, including a set of tools for increasing the knowledge about, assessing, and developing internal democratic practices and structures for the Palme Center’s partner organisations with the aim to support partner organisations to strengthen its internal democracy.

The assignment

The assignment is:

  1. To produce a pedagogical methods material on internal democracy for Palme Center’s partner organisations.
  2. The methods material should include a set of practical tools that can be used for assessing internal democracy as well as how to improve the practices and structures for internal democracy.

Design and logic:

The development of the methods material/toolbox should include the following.

  1. Document study – a sample of relevant organisational descriptions and assessments of partner organisations and current methods materials and tools for organisational development/internal democracy.
  2. Interviews and dialogue with a selection of methods and programme staff at the Palme Center
  3. Interviews with a selection of representatives from the partner organisations
  4. Interviews with a selection of representatives from the Palme Center’s Member Organisations.
  5. Develop a relevant methods material including examples with best practices and a set of practical tools for internal democracy suitable for the Palme Center’s partner organisations.

The Palme Center will provide relevant documents, assist with introduction to the partner and member organisations and assist with coordination of interviews. The Palme Center will be the sole owner of the results of the assignment.

Timeframe and duration

The duration of the production of the material is expected to be approximately 6 weeks, during the period 9th of March 2020 and 15th of April 2021, including the preparatory reading and presentation of the final material (this period can be adjusted per the requirements of the consultant).

The Palme Center will request a first draft on the 15th of April 2021. The deadline for the final version is the 31st of April 2021.   

Deadline for submitting your tender is 4th of March 2021.

Target group

The target groups for the material are board members, nomination committee members and other elected representatives within the Palme Center’s partner organisations.


The publication shall be written in English, not exceeding 20 pages.

Requirements on the consultant

The consultant shall have the following qualifications:

  • Have good knowledge in the English language, spoken and written
  • Have previous experience of developing and writing methods materials for civil society organisations
  • Have documented experience in organisational development for civil society organisations
  • Have extensive experience from working with democratic processes in civil society organisations

Meriting qualifications

  • Have experience from working with or at one of Palme Center’s member organisations


The budget and remuneration for the assignment will be decided between the parties, upon suggestion in the winning proposal. The total cost of the assignment, including VAT, may not exceed 100 000 SEK. Fees, costs and VAT are to be separated in the budget.

Payments will be made in the following manner:

  1. First disbursement: 50% of the total compensation after the start of the assignment and upon receiving an invoice from the consultant.
  2. Second disbursement: 50% of the budget after the Palme Center’s approval of the evaluation report and upon receiving an invoice from the consultant.


  • Tenders shall be submitted via email to Frida Perjus at the Olof Palme Center frida.perjus@palmecenter.se, no later than the 4th of March.
  • The bid must include curriculum vitae of the consultant including references, details of all relevant previous experience, suggested methodology, suggested timeframe, and budget including VAT.
  • The budget shall include the remuneration of the consultant as well as all other costs related to the evaluation. The budget must specify fees, costs and VAT.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any of the bids received.
  • The review process at the Palme Center involves the Methods advisor on capacity building, the Head of Team Methods Support and Head of International Department. The tenders are assessed according to their merits related to the above mentioned qualifications. The decisions are made collectively by the group. The final decision will be made before March 8th  and will be sent to all tenderers as soon as possible.
  • For questions or clarifications, please contact Frida Perjus at the Olof Palme Center frida.perjus@palmecenter.se, +46 8 677 57 87.