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The Palme Center's activities are managed by a board consisting of eleven members. The Board consists of representatives of our member organisations. They are elected at the annual General Assembly.

The Board of the Olof Palme International Center 2017-2018


Wanja Lundby-Wedin, Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)

Ordinary Board Members

Mikael Nilsson, Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)
Anna Jensen Naatikka, Industrial and Metal Workers Union (IF Metall)
Maria Nyberg, Union of Commercial Employees (Handelsanställdas förbund)
Per-Håkan Waern, Swedish Electricians’ Union
Niklas Skeppar, Workers’ Educational Association (ABF)
Andrine Winther, Swedish Social Democratic Party (Socialdemokraterna)
Kenneth G Forslund, Swedish Social Democratic Party (Socialdemokraterna)
Hans Josefsson, Religious Social Democrats (Tro och solidaritet)
Aylin Fazelian, National Federation of Social Democratic Women in Sweden (S-kvinnor)
Rebecca Abrahamsson, Social Democratic Youth of Sweden (SSU)

Deputy Board Members

Loa BrynjulfsdottirSwedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)
Leif Isaksson
, Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)
Sofia Eriksson, Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union (Kommunal)
Pim von Dorpel,  Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Workers’ Union (Hotell och restaurang)
Monica Widman-Lundmark, Workers’ Educational Association (ABF)
Fredrik Lundh Sammeli, Swedish Social Democratic Party (Socialdemokraterna)
Ingrid Rudin, Swedish Social Democratic Party (Socialdemokraterna)
Mia Malmgren, Swedish Young Falcons (Unga Örnar)
Isabella Hagnell, Social Democratic Students of Sweden (S-studenter)
Sören Juvas HBT Social Democrats

Regular Auditors

Lars-Erik Engberg, Authorized Auditor, Moore Stephans Allegretto AB
Ella Niia, Swedish Social Democratic Party (Socialdemokraterna)

Deputy Auditors

Mikaela Karlström, Authorized Auditor, Moore Stephans Allegretto AB
Lars Gefvärt, Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)



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