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Anti-corruption and whistleblowing service

Help us fight corruption

Corruption is one of the biggest obstacles to development in the world. Corruption increases the costs of living and corruption also hits the rule of law and democracy hard. Our Whistleblowing service offers the opportunity to sound the alarm about suspicions of corruption or other irregularities.

The Palme Center works in countries where corruption is common, and therefore part of the reality we are fighting to change. Working against corruption is an obvious part of all international development cooperation – it is about promoting participation and transparency.

Fighting corruption is also a prerequisite in the work to improve people’s living conditions, reduce inequality and guarantee equal conditions.

The Palme Center works actively against corruption in all its forms and anti-corruption work forms an integral part of all our activities. Our approach to corruption and other irregularities is always to prevent, never accept, always inform and always act.

Whistleblowing service

The Palme Center strives to be an open and transparant organisation. For us, it is important that our basic values and principles permeate all our work, both in Sweden and in our international operations with partner organisations. It is also of great importance that we maintain our good reputation and confidence in our operations, especially since we are an organisation that handles tax funds.

Our whistleblowing service offers a possibility to alert the organisation about suspicions of irregularities within the operations, such as corruption, discrimination or other serious incidents, in a secure and anonymous manner.  By reporting suspected incidents, you help us to ensure that we act in accordance with our values and steering documents and help us to identify any risks within the operations at an early stage.


If you want to submit another kind of complaint or comment, please contact info@palmecenter.se or (+46) 8 677 57 70.