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The Palme Center works in over 200 projects around the world to contribute to empower people to be able to shape their communities and their own lives. It is vital that the development cooperation that we engage in with our partners is of high quality and that we constantly work to improve and develop our organization.

Constructive feedback and information from people who work directly or indirectly with the Palme Center, our member organizations or our partners and the funds that we have the responsibility for is vital for our work to improve and better ourselves. This can relate to general comments about the Palme Center or our activities or concern more specific feedback regarding particular events.

You are welcome to contact any of the Palme Center staff or use the Palme Center’s information service. Email: info@palmecenter.se, Tel: +46 (0)8-677 57 70.

You can choose to be anonymous if you like. However, if we need to start a more thorough investigation as a response to the feedback given it will help us if we can contact you personally.

Thank you for your feedback!