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Resources for the Training of Trainers on Just Transition

Training manual

The training manual contains all the exercises in the training of trainers, as well as a knowledge bank with fast facts about different topics. In the manual, you will also find case studies and tips to you as a trainer when you facilitate your own trainings or meetings on just transition.

Welcome to dive deeper!

Here you'll find resources for each module; both links to further reading, tools and videos as well as endnotes for the information in the handbook.

Module 1

Resources, session 1.1

Resources, session 1.2

Resources, session 1.3

Notes for module 1 (to be added)

Slides for module 1

Module 2

Resources, session 2.1

Resources, session 2.2

Resources, session 2.3

Notes for module 2 (to be added)

Slides for module 2

Module 3


Notes for module 3 (to be added)

Slides for module 3


End assignments given after the modules.

End assignment for Module 2 (as Word docs): In English, French, Arabic