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MODULE 4: Reaching out and connecting

Communication, agenda setting and organising election campaigns
The Palme Academy
This fourth module of the introductory course on "How to run and represent a party", deals with the strategies, methods and activities employed by political parties to reach out and establish contact with their surrounding communities. Successful communication and advocacy are fundamental for parties to be able to change society in practice.

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What you will learn

  • Fundamental strategies and methods to position and differentiate your party—creating its profile based on its ideological and political orientation, as well as its main target groups and opponents.
  • Fundamental points of departure and methods for outreach, setting the agenda and advocacy.
  • How to define and find your target groups and adapt your communication accordingly.
  • How to reach your target groups in practice. The usual channels, methods and tools for communication and how they interact.
  • How all these elements can become part of the party’s election campaigns and what basic election planning and organisation looks like.

The aim of the module is to give you the opportunity to assess and discuss how you can work with your own party’s communications and outreach activities. In particular by offering tips on methods for developing the party’s local communication.

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