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Political Party Academy

Palme Resource Center

Political parties — key actors for change

Political parties play a crucial role in the way in which democracy functions. They are key actors in the struggle for democratic, free and equitable societies.

What political parties do

It is political parties that stand for election, who write policy platforms for voters to consider, who legislate and make decisions that affect all citizens. It is political parties that can be held accountable for their decisions and whose power can be taken away in free and fair elections.

Political parties function as a link between citizens and political power. They organise people so that they can have a role in making political decisions. They can bring together voters, make them members, educate them, and mobilise them to make their own voices heard. When political parties function well, they are not only involved in creating policy in parliaments or running campaigns, but they also help to make political and democratic influence a living reality for more people. They become a tool for people to exert influence and, together with others, take control over their own lives.

Our cooperation with political parties

The great importance of political parties is the reason why the Palme Center cooperates with Social democratic sister parties around the world.

Our aim is to strengthen their ideological and organisational capacity. For the parties to become more influential and able to drive progressive change in their countries, they need to democratic and strong, with capacities within key areas.

News for all OPC partners


Forms for application and reporting

All templates and documents that may be needed in the collaboration can be found here – from agreements to budget and accounting forms.

Method and

study materials

Tools and materials that can be helpful in your work; both specific materials on social democracy and how to run a political party, as well as other materials on topics such as gender equality, climate, anti-corruption and risk management.


The Palme Academy is part of the Palme Center’s cooperation with political parties. It is a training programme that aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience on how to successfully run, represent and develop democratic and progressive parties.

Perspectives that need to be part of all work

In order for our operations to contribute to positive and progressive development, these perspectives must be integrated into all projects:

Gender equality

All projects run with funding from the Palme Center must promote gender equality and non-discrimination.

Environment and climate

The climate and environmental crisis is humanity’s greatest challenge. All operations need to contribute to slowing it down, or to increasing society’s ability to cope with the consequences.


Corruption is an obstacle to democracy and human rights. That is why it’s important to have zero tolerance for corruption. To prevent and deter corruption is to contribute to democratic development.

Conflict sensitivity

A conflict that is not handled peacefully and constructively can grow and become destructive. To minimize the risk of negative effects of our change work, it is important to analyze the context from a conflict sensitivity perspective.

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