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Political Party Academy

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Palme Resource Center
Do you work within a Social Democratic party, or at an organisation supporting a progressive political party? Here you will find trainings and materials that will help you build your internal structures, run campaigns and more!

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Why the Palme Center cooperates with Social democratic sister parties around the world and what we want to achieve together.

Political parties play a crucial role in the way in which democracy functions and are key actors of change in the struggle for democratic, free and equitable societies. It is political parties that stand for election, who write policy platforms for voters to consider, who legislate and make decisions that affect all citizens. It is political parties that can be held accountable for their decisions and whose power can be taken away in free and fair elections.

Political parties function as a link between citizens and political power. They organise people so that they can have a role in making political decisions. They can bring together voters, make them members, educate them, and mobilise them to make their own voices heard. When political parties function well, they are not only involved in creating policy in parliaments or running campaigns, but they also help to make political and democratic influence a living reality for more people. They become a tool for people to exert influence and, together with others, take control over their own lives.

Therefore, the Palme Center cooperates with Social democratic sister parties around the world to strengthen their institutional and organisational capacity. For the parties to become more influential and able to drive progressive change in their countries, they need to be strong and democratic, with capacities within key areas.

About the Palme Academy

The Palme Academy is a training program that aims to facilitate the exchange of experience and build networks globally on how to successfully run democratic and progressive parties.

The Palme Center and the Swedish Social democratic party have together with our partners observed the opportunities for cooperative trainings on fundamental topics like ideology, internal democracy, policy development, election capacities and outreach.

The training program, the Palme Academy (also known as Political Party Academy) aims to facilitate the exchange of experience and to build international networks on how to successfully run democratic and progressive parties. It consists of two main parts:

Palme Academy Introductory Trainings

Leadership trainings which are carried out in the sister parties’ own countries – either with the participation of Swedish experts or by the parties themselves. The level of these local trainings is more on an introductory level of each field in how to run and represent a party.

Social democratic sister parties may contact the Palme Center or the Swedish Social Democratic Party if they are interested to arrange a local course of their own.

Palme Academy Advanced Trainings

In-depth trainings for high-level participants within sister parties, both as in-person meetings and digital courses. They include topics of ideology and policy development, internal democracy and party organising, as well as election methods and strategies.

Social democratic sister parties may contact the Palme Center to know more what courses and trainings that are planned in the coming year. We will also post upcoming trainings on this page, under Happening now.

Introduction Course – How to run and represent a party

What you will learn in this course and who can apply.

This course is intended to provide an introduction to and an overview of how to form, organise, develop, and represent a democratic party.

It is developed for leaders and active members of Social democratic parties around the world. The course is also useful for active members who are not leaders, in which case it can be used for self-study or as part of local member courses or study circles.

A six-module course

The course is divided into six modules. Each module has its own course material, which can be used when designing your own party trainings in the respective fields. Each course material can also be used for 2-4 meetings in the form of a study circle to discuss the questions and ideas that the module raises.

There is also a study guide for practical group exercises and tips for further reading in each area.

The six modules and the study guide are being developed during 2021 and you will find them below. (Coming soon)

Political Party Academy

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Civil Society Academy

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Trade Union Academy

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Member Organisations Academy

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