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Open call: Evaluation of democracy projects in Bosnia and Hercegovina and Albania

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the jointly supported activities by Olof Palme International Center and Kalevi Sorsa Foundation in Albania as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The evaluation will thus focus particularly on assessing the outcomes and impact of the gender academy in Bosnia Herzegovina implemented by FLI and the respective political academies implemented by FLI and Qemal Stafa Foundation in Albania.

The evaluation should be done using OECD DAC evaluation criteria. It should thus contribute to Olof Palme International Center’s and Kalevi Sorsa Foundation’s evidence and knowledge based assessment of the projects in order to provide insights about the impact and learnings of the projects to provide recommendations for our future planning. In addition, the findings of the evaluation will long-term be valuable to both internal stakeholders, as our partners in the respective countries, as well as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and SIDA.

The specific objectives of the evaluation are following;

• To assess the joint activities in terms of relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability

• To assess the joint cooperation between OPIC and KSF

• To assess the added value for our partner organisations of this kind of donor harmonization and broader cooperation

• Document key challenges and lessons learnt and provide practical recommendations
that can be utilized for future planning.

The Evaluation should be conducted between December and January.

More background and specifics in the ToR:

Terms of Reference


Tenders shall be submitted via email no later than 14th of December. The bid must include suggested outline, methodology proposal and time plan, curriculum vitae for members of the evaluation team and their respective roles in the assignment, details of previous experience in the field, references (names and contact information) procedures for quality assurance and budget.

The budget should include all costs related to the evaluation such as interpretation and possible field visits, including VAT.

We reserve the right not to accept any of the bids received.

For questions, contact Jelena Simic or Jonas Andersson:

+358 505529665

+46 70 698 00 03