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MODULE 1: Formation and structure

Ideological base, party constitution and organisational structure
The Palme Academy
This first module looks at the fundamentals of a party constitution and deals with the basic structures and organisation of a political party. A party needs an ideology, constitutional frameworks and rules as well as a clear organisational structure. A party that is careless with these basic building blocks will find it difficult to function and to be effective and democratic.

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What you will learn

You will acquire a greater understanding of…

  • How people with the same political vision can form and develop a political party
  • The fundamental work of political parties with ideology and ideological development
  • The party’s constitution and constitutional issues
  • The party’s organisational structures 
  • How to work on these matters in practice with others.

The module also aims to provide an opportunity for you as a group to discuss and plan how to work in your own party in these areas. In particular how you might start to develop your local party structure.

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