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Module 2: Holding elections and reaching decisions

Internal democratic processes, representation and reconciliation
The Palme Academy
This second module of the introductory course on "How to run and represent a party", focuses on how democratic parties can work at a fundamental level, to deliver and to create order and stability. It is about the party’s internal democratic processes and how to choose representatives and leaders. It also looks at how the party can reconcile different interests and reach democratic and legitimate decisions.

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What you will learn

The module is divided into six parts:

  • Party democracy and internal democratic processes—some overall principles.
  • The party’s decision-making processes—the need for a clear decision-making structure.
  • The role of meetings and voting—the need for a clear agenda for meetings and a democratic way of working.
  • Executives and their work—the need for a structured set of responsibilities and ways of working.
  • Election of representatives—the need for good representativeness.
  • The importance of the organisational culture and a democratic leadership.

The goal is to increase your knowledge of these topics, so that you are able to participate in developing the party’s activities and apply internal democracy within the party in which you are active.

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