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MODULE 3: Formulating policy and leading the way

Policy development, participation and interaction with the outside world
The Palme Academy
In this third module of the introductory course on "How to run and represent a party", we look at how important it is for political parties to have the capacity to respond to developments in society, and to formulate and reformulate their policies on the basis of these developments and thus remain relevant and able to lead. Society is constantly changing.

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What you will learn

  • What it means to have programmatic parties that go to the voters with concrete and issue-based visions, platforms, and policies.
  • How political parties formulate and continuously develop their policy in an inclusive and transparent manner, using democratic methods that allow members to express their opinions in the process.
  • What roles the party leaders play in the policy development process.
  • Practical ways to work in inclusive, systematic and organised forms in policy development locally.
  • Methods political parties can use to relate to and interact with the society in which they operate and its actors in order to strengthen and develop their policies.

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