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Just in – toolkit for internal democracy

How about arranging a study circle on the topic?

Or answering a list of questions to get a quick visual overview of strengths and areas where action is needed?

Many of the exercises are learning by doing – just by using these tools you will be exercising internal democracy.

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Workshop in climate and environmental integration, March 16th

Date: March 16th

Time: 9.30-11 am CET

After active participation in the workshop you will be able to…

What’s the point of all this?

The benefit of practicing this is that we can become better at spotting climate and environmental risks that may undermine our progress.

Analysing our operations from a “green” perspective also means that we can contribute to environmental and climate action that strengthens our goals and the rightsholders we wish to support.

If we do not see the links between the planetary crisis and our goals, and act on them… our countries will be left dangerously unprepared and policies to counter the crisis will neither be adequate or just.

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Register here by March 10th if you want to join.

What is social democracy?

The book ”What is Social Democracy?” gives an introduction to social democratic ideology, history and policy. It’s authored by the former Swedish Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson and Anne-Marie Lindgren.

Download it here

Get your guide to online trainings and activities

We have all gone through a process where online activities was something we mainly did while waiting for the pandemic to pass, to understanding that this is a permanent change in terms of how we meet, learn, interact and collaborate. Online meetings will not replace physical meetings after the pandemic, but they are here to stay—and to complement and expand our activities.

Shrinking democratic space during the pandemic and lockdowns calls for more capacity development online, and for actors who work in favour of democracy to become more active together.

This is a hands-on guide on what to think about before, during and after an online training or activity.

It contains information about the process, manuals for tools, practical tips, templates and examples. There is also a theoretical part about online learning that looks at how we can make participants feel safe, be active and learn effectively in this context.

This guide was developed for our partner and member organisations and staff. We hope that it will contribute to the strategic partnership and our common learning.

Download the guide here

Välkomna på Projektledarutbildning 14-15 dec

Palmecentret står för kost och logi under utbildningen. Vi kommer att hålla till på charmiga Långholmen i Stockholm.

Ni som deltar i utbildningen är Palmecentrets medlemsorganisationer som driver internationella projekt.

För anmälan kontakta: utbildning@palmecenter.se

Efter aktivt deltagande i utbildningen kommer ni bland annat att kunna:

Kommunicera om världen – sök infobidrag!

Du har väl inte missat att du som medlem i en av våra 27 medlemsorganisationer kan söka stöd hos Palmecentret för att kommunicera om internationella frågor?

Kanske vill du bjuda hit en internationell gäst, göra en film till sociala medier eller anordna en temadag? Som max kan du få 45.000 kr.

Läs mer och ansök här!

Vill du få inspiration? Se filmen Unga Örnar gjorde om sitt projekt i Namibia här!