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Sister Namibia, the Labour Resource and Research Institute and the mining union MUN are three of the Palme Center's partners in Namibia. In cooperation with several ABF departments, Industrial and Metal Workers Union and the Swedish Young Falcons we work with promoting greater equality in the most unequal country in the world.

Namibia is rich in minerals and is considered a middle-income country. But at the same time the majority of the population are poor and survive thanks to the informal economy. Civil society in the country is weak and women are marginalized. Our focus therefore lies on organising, trade union rights and women’s participation.

Our partner organisation Sister Namibia advocates for women’s rights and gender equality and against violence against women.

Labour Resource and Research Institute (Larri) focuses on workers’ rights: organising, gender equality and health and safety.

Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN), is the leading miners’ union in the country. The mining industry, particularly uranium mining, is central to Namibia’s economy, but the workers’ conditions are poor and often dangerous.

Within the party-oriented democracy support the Swedish Social Democrats and the Palme Center cooperate with the Namibian ruling party, the former liberation movement SWAPO. In 2014, as a result of the exchange, SWAPO introduced parity lists (alternating men and women on party lists) in the parliamentary election.

The Palme Center is also engaged in a multiparty-project targeting politically active young people called the pan-African Program for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA).  The Palme Center runs training sessions in co­operation with the South African organisation Education and Training Unit (ETU) for young politicians from Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Facts Namibia

Namibia became independent in 1990 after many years of struggle against South African occupation. Namibia is governed by the former liberation movement SWAPO, which today is a political party.

Active member organisations in Namibia: The Swedish Workers’ Educational Association (ABF),  including chapters in Göteborg and Småland, the Swedish Industrial and Metal Workers Union, the Swedish Young Falcons and the Swedish Social Democratic Party.

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