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After two decades of democracy, economic inequality still remains very high in South Africa. But many South Africans have had enough of unemployment, low wages, corruption and violence and are organising for change. We support their struggle.

Women in rural areas, trade unionists and the movement for rural workers are in focus of the Palme Center´s and our member organisations involvement in South Africa. We cooperate with, amongst others, Labor Research Services (LRS) and Workers’ World Media Production (WWMP) in their efforts to organise workers, sign collective agreements and create a level playing field for South African workers.

The fight against HIV and AIDS has a high priority in all our engagement in South Africa.

In the Eastern Cape Province the National Federation of Social Democratic Women in Sweden and the Palme Center collaborates with Peddie Women’s Support Centre in their effort to curb violence against women. Our South African partners have contributed to the formation of several networks of women organisations as well as to the setting up of a large number of support groups in rural areas.

Within the party-oriented democracy support the Swedish Social Democrats and the Palme Center cooperate with the ruling party African National Congress (ANC) in the program “From bullets to ballots”. The activities are aimed at providing support with respect to the changes that former liberation movements are undergoing. Education, trainings and international exchange are key elements of the program.

The Palme Center is also engaged in a multiparty-project targeting young politicians called the pan-African Program for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA).  The Palme Center runs training sessions in cooperation with the South African organisation Education and Training Unit (ETU) for young politicians from Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Active member organisations in South Africa:  The Swedish Workers’ Educational Association´s section in Göteborg and the National Federation of Social Democratic Women in Sweden. Certain projects are also supported by the Union for Professionals (SSR).

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