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The Palme Center and our member organisations cooperate with partners in Burma and the Philippines and we support regional networks.

In Burma the activities are primarily focused on workers, farmers, women and young people belonging to different ethnic minorities. The cooperation involves thousands of people within the country and in bordering regions. Many of the projects provides leadership training to women with the aim of increasing women’s representation and women’s influence in the ongoing peace and democratization process.

In the Philippines we are cooperating with the trade union movement as well as with organisations engaged in the struggle against urban poverty. 

The Palme Center is also engaged in the global program Empowering domestic workers, in co-operation with IDWF (International Domestic Workers Federation). The project aims at strengthening organised domestic workers  at all levels, in particularly IDWF’s affiliates in Mexico, Malawi, Namibia, the Philippines, India and Hong Kong. 

Within the party-oriented democracy support the Swedish Social Democratic Party and Olof Palme International Center are cooperating with the network  Social Democracy in Asia (SocDem Asia). The network is a group of political parties, pre-party formations, and progressive politicians, scholars and activists in the region who share social democratic values and perspectives. SocDem Asia aims to develope future-oriented policies, and showcasing best practices of Social Democratic parties, politicians and movements.

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