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How to run and represent a party

Political Party Academy

About the introductory course

These study materials cover different topics that will help you form, organise, develop, and represent a democratic party.

The study materials ”How to run and represent a political party” have been developed to accompany the Palme Academy introduction course by the same name. It gives an overview of the different fields involved in running and representing a party.

The materials are divided into six modules.

Who are the materials for?

The study material are for leaders and active members of Social democratic parties around the world.

How to use the study materials

You can use the materials to design your own party trainings on the respective topics.

Each material can also be used for 2-5 meetings in the form of a study circle, to discuss the questions and ideas that the module raises.

MODULE 1: Formation and Structure

Ideological base, party constitution and organisational structure.

MODULE 2: Holding elections and Reaching decisions

Internal democratic processes, representation and reconciliation.

MODULE 3: Formulating policy and Leading the way

Policy development, participation and interaction with the outside world.

MODULE 4: Reaching out and Connecting

Communication, agenda setting and organising election campaigns.

MODULE 5: Growing and Consolidating

Organising, recruitment and training.

MODULE 6: Representing and Governing

Political leadership, service delivery and accountability.

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